8950 and 8960 Series High Performance Tire Changer Operation Manual


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GENERAL CAUTIONS A. DURING THE USE AND MAINTENANCE OF THE MACHINE IT IS MANDATORY TO COMPLY WITH ALL LAWS AND REGULATIONS FOR ACCIDENT PREVEN- TION. B. THE ELECTRICAL POWER SOURCE MUST HAVE A GROUND CABLE AND THE GROUND CABLE OF THE MACHINE MUST BE CONNECTED TO THE GROUND CABLE OF THE POWER SOURCE. C. BEFORE ANY MAINTENANCE OR REPAIRS ARE ACCOMPLISHED THE MACHINE MUST BE DISCONNECTED FROM THE AIR AND ELECTRICAL SUPPLY. D. NEVER WEAR TIES, CHAINS OR OTHER LOOSE ARTICLES WHEN USING, MAINTAINING OR REPAIRING THE MACHINE. LONG HAIR IS ALSO DANGEROUS AND SHOULD BE KEPT UNDER A HAT. THE USER MUST WEAR PROPER SAFETY ATTIRE – GLOVES, SAFETY SHOES AND GLASSES. 2.0 INSTALLATION Your new JBC 8950 or 8960 Series Tire Changer requires a simple installation procedure requiring only a few moments. Follow these instructions carefully to insure proper and safe operation. The Tire Changer is delivered mounted to a wooden skid. Remove tire changer from its mounts carefully, taking care to avoid any back strain. Place Changer where proper operation will be unobstructed to all sides. Install the machine in a covered and dry place. 2.0.1 Models with SRA attached (8955IN, 8965IN) Once placed in the desired location the tire changer must be bolted to the floor using only the rear two mounting holes. Mounting anchors are provided with those machines with a Safety Restraint Arm. Tire Changer must be anchored to concrete floor if equipped with a “Safety Restraint Arm” BUILDING ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION MUST BE MADE BY A LICENSED ELECTRICIAN. Check that the electrical specifications of the power source are the same of the machine. The machine uses 110v, 60 hz, single phase 20 amp source. Electric specifications are clearly marked on a label at the rear of the machine. FAILURE TO PROVIDE PROPER ELECTRICAL SUPPLY AND GROUNDING WILL CREATE A SHOCK HAZARD TO THE OPERATOR

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