Aluminum Body One-Way Adaptive Installation Instructions


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Place the motorcycle on the centerstandor block the motorcycle securely so the rear wheel is slightly off the ground. 2. Remove the old shocks and note location of mount- inghardware. If additional accessories are installed on your motorcycle, please refer to their mounting instructions for removal to gain access to the shocks. Note: Steps (3-5) are only necessary if aftermarket fender, tire or any other accessories have been installed. If none of these applies, 18 Series proceed to step 5,418 Series proceed to step 6. Caution: Make sure that the proper bushings/sleeves are installed in the shocks. Improper bushings/sleeves can cause unsatisfactory or unsafe operation. Bushings: A universal hardware kit is included. Determine the proper sleeves and washers for mounting stud/bolt for your particular application. Not all parts will be used. 3. Install one shock (without spring) and check clearance (#Ain Fig. 1). Raise wheel into fender well until shock bottoms. There should bea minimumof1″of clearance between the tire and fender. 4. If clearance (#A) is sufficient, remove the shock and install the springs onto the shock (See Step 5). Caution: This step requires a spring compression tool from Progressive Suspension, (Part#32-5503). If a spring compression tool is not available, refer the work to your local dealer or repair shop. Attempting to compress the springs without the proper tool may result in serious injury or damage to the shock! 5. Spring Installation: A. Install tab cover and cam adjuster to the minimum setting (lowest point on preloadramps). See A figure 2. B. Install plastic body protector insuring that the protrusion seats into the cam adjuster. See Bfigure2. C. Install the spring. D. Install retaining ring above the spring. Make sure the circlipbevelis facing upward. Place the wirecirclip over the top eye sliding it close to the retaining ring. See Cfigure 2. E. Using a spring compressor tool, compress the spring enough to install wire circlipinthe groove. Slide the wire circlipdowninto the groove. Release the spring slowly, making sure the spring retainer ring seats fully on the wirecirclip. See Dfigure 2.

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