Basic Motorcycle Maintenance/ Repair Manual


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1. Types of Motorcycles and Components a. Identify off-road, street bikes, three and four wheel cycles. b. Identify motorcycle components. 2. Demonstrate Safe Working Habits in the Shop. a. Demonstrate, list, and discuss personal safety habits. b. Demonstrate, list, and discuss shop safety. 3. Correct use of Tools (common and measuring) and Equipment a. Perform work on cycles using proper hand tools. b. Perform work on cycles using shop equipment correctly. 4. Specifications in a Shop Manual a. Locate engine tune-up specification. b. Locate engine lubrication and cooling capacities. 5. Identify and Describe Different Types of Fasteners a. Threaded and non-threaded. b. Nuts, bolts, and washers. c. Metric and English. d. Strength and Grade. e. Thread inserts. 6. Identification and Description of Engine Fundamentals a. Basic two cycle engine. b. Basic four cycle engine. c. Displacement and compression ratios. d. Horsepower and torque. 7. Disassembly, Service, and Reassembly of the Components of the Clutch and Final Drive Assembly a. Remove, measure and replace clutch components. b. Clean, lubricate, and measure chain. c. Clean and measure sprockets. d. Adjust and align rear wheel. e. Discuss shaft drive. 8. Service of Brakes, Tires, and Wheel Assemblies a. Service and adjust drum brake. b. Service disc brake caliper. c. True a wheel by adjusting spokes. d. Replace or repair a tire. 9. Attitudes and Work Habits a. Identify and develop positive attitudes toward tasks and fellow employees appropriate for the workplace, including giving and accepting criticism and praise. b. Identify and develop productive work habits, including attending to detail, completing tasks, maintaining the work setting and recording data. c. Identify and develop collaborative/teamwork skills, including solving problems in groups, building consensus, and responding to supervision

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