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UNDER THE HANDLEBAR MOUNTING A: Can the Tach be mounted inverted under the handlebars? A: Yes, if you have enough room to mount under the handlebars for the tach to mount and still be able to turn from lock to lock without hitting the tank or dash. See note in next paragraph for details on how to rotate the face of the Tach for appropriate positioning. BE AWARE: Chances of water intrusion are increased in this position! FACE ROTATION Q: How do I rotate the face of the Tach? A: With the Tach housing removed from the handlebar, unscrew the bezel (counterclockwise) and remove it from the housing, using a 5/32 Allen wrench loosen the the set-screw located inside the clamp area or at the rear of the clamp area. Rotate the face of the Tach to your preferred position, tighten the set screw and replace the bezel. COIL IDENTIFICATION Q: How can I tell positive from negative on my coil? A: Most motorcycles will have two wires going to each of the coils, and each coil will share one common-color wire and have one unique color wire. The common-color is the positive and the unique color is the negative. For example, a Yamaha set-up has a red/black on both coils – that is positive. The other coil wire would be orange or gray – that is the negative side. Hondas set-up is blue/yellow and yellow/blue for the negative, and black/white for the positive. Suzuki has orange/white on both coils as positive and has white or black/yellow as the negative side. COIL SELECION Q: My bike has two (or four) coils – Which one/ones do I use? A: Most multi-cylinder bikes have one coil per cylinder. You only need to connect to one of the coils – choose the one most convenient for wire routing. (Single-fire motorcycles require the Tach adapter we include with each assemble

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