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Assembly Illustration: Step1: Using parts C, attach the Base Back to the Main Unit. (3/16 allen wrench required, torque between 16 – 18 ft-lbs) Step2: Swing into position the front stop containing the CONDOR logo. Step3: Place Pin F through Main Unit and front stop bracket. The pin may be tight at first use, push it through using light force and twisting it in. (Attach Hair Pin Cotter H once the pin has passed all the way through) Step4: Place cradle as shown in the desired setting and insert Pin E through Main unit and cradle pipe. (Attach Hair Pin Cotter G once the pin has passed all the way through) User Instructions: Confirm that the cradle is set in the optimized position setting for the entering tire and wheel. Adjustment of cradle is crucial for optimum retention. Optimum retention is achieved by trying different settings. Place unit in front of or behind motorcycle. Push or drive motorcycle centered into unit until the cradle of the Pit-Stop has fully engaged the wheel. Once the wheel is cradled, proceed to push further into the Pit- Stop until the wheel has engaged the front stop. If the optimum vertical support is achieved, the motorcycle will hold itself upright. If optimum retention is not achieved try different cradle settings. As an extra precaution, use the Velcro strap to strap the cradled wheel to the front stop. Always strap Velcro through the wheel and around the front stop below the upper front stop flange

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