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ADJUSTABLE CYLINDER HEAD STAND Head can be rotated 360 degrees. Stays in any position using a simple locking mechanism. Use on twin or four cylinder heads. Shipping weight: 14 lbs. Adjustable length-10-1/2″ to 20-1/2″ long x 14″ width x 10-3/4″ high. 35-8602 Cylinder Head Stand VALVE GUIDE DRIVERS Use for removal and installation of valve guides into cylinder head. Available in the following sizes: 35-8418 4.5mm YM-4116 35-8416 6mm YM-4064-A 35-8417 5mm YM-4097 35-8414 7mm YM-1225-A 35-8408 5.5mm YM-1122 35-8413 8mm YM-1200 VALVE GUIDE DRIVER SET (REMOVE & REPLACE) Designed for speed and accuracy, this eleven piece set provides the right tool for the job. Driver set includes two valve guide drivers (5.5mm and 6.6mm), four valve guide installers, one cutter, three cutter pilots (5.5mm, 6.6mm, and 7.7mm) and one tap handle extension bar. 35-9445 Valve Guide Driver Set YAMAHA VALVE GUIDE INSTALLERS These installers are used for installation of Yamaha shoulder less valve guides to a specific depth into the cylinder head. To use, position onto the valve guide and drive into the cylinder head until installer makes contact with cylinder head surface. Note: Must use with Valve Guide Driver. Available in the following sizes: 35-8439 4.5mm YM-4117 35-8437 5.0mm YM-4098 35-8419 5.5mm YM-4015 35-8435 6mm YM-4065-A 35-8423 7mm YM-4017 VALVE GUIDE REAMERS Reaming valve guides after installation assures a proper valve stem to valve guide fit. Available in the following sizes: 35-3829 4.5mm YM-4118 35-3851 7mm YM-1227 35-3836 5.5mm YM-1196 35-3852 8mm YM-1211 35-3847 6mm YM-4066 CLOVER VALVE LAPPING COMPOUND KIT The world famous green can with the four leaf clover. For seating valves, mating gears, and sharpening. Sold as a kit with coarse 120 grit (roughing) and 280 fine grit (finishing). 35-0309 Clover Valve Lapping Compound VALVE LAPPING TOOL The ultimate vacuum stick for insuring perfect surfaces on valves and valve seats. Interchangeable cups make unit suitable for use with virtually any size valve. Set includes vacuum stick, 3/4″ and 1/4″ diameter rubber cups. 35-8998 Valve Lapping Too

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