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1. Take off the Air fi lter cover by removing the Button head cap screw in the center. 2. Removed the fi lter element by taking out the three exposed Torx head cap screws. 3. Remove the breather hoses from the Cylinder head breather bolts by pulling on them. 4. Remove the three Bolts that secure the Backing plate to the Carburetor / Throttle body and the two Breather bolts that secure it to the Cylinder heads. 5. Remove the Backing plate and Gasket, on FI models the wiring mount clip should be carefully pulled out of the plastic housing. NOTE: Be sure that the gasket surface is clean and dry and that no gasket material remains stuck to it. 6. None of the OEM parts will be reused for this installation 1. For a clear understanding of this installation it is best to refer to the exploded view diagram while reading these instructions. 2. When installing or servicing the air cleaner, apply Loctite 243 (blue) to threads of all fasteners. 3. Loosely install the gasket (1) and carburetor / throttle body mount bracket (2) using the two cylinder head breather bolts (3) and cylinder head O-rings (4) NOTE: Make sure the gasket is installed in the correct rotation and right side up. The slightly smaller bleed hole should be in the top left hand corner. 4. Using the three 1/4″-20 x 1″ socket head cap screws (5) install the fi lter backing

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