HOVELHEAD & IRONHEADXL 42mm Mikuni Carburetor And Manifold Kit INSTALLATION Instructions


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THROTTLE CABLE ADJUSTMENT A) Rotate the throttle grip to the full open position, look into the throttle bore and see if the throttle valve (slide) opens completely. If the throttle valve does not open completely unscrew the adjuster on the opening cable until it does. This adjustment should be made carefully to assure maximum carburetor performance. After adjustment tighten the adjuster jam nut. B) After adjusting the open cable, adjust throttle freeplay with the closing (idle) cable to approximately 1/8″ an indicated in the following illustration. note It is very important to adjust the cables in the preceding described manner to ensure that the idle cable operates correctly for safety. It must close the throttle completely 2 PLEASE NOTE USE CAUTION PLEASE NOTE SAFETY WARNING pull open cable pull close cable SHOVELHEAD/IRONHEAD XL Installation Instructions Check and make sure that the throttle cables are routed properly by rechecking the throttle play as the handlebars are turned from side-to-side; the amount play should remain consistent. C) After the throttle cables have been adjusted, make sure that all the lock nuts are securely tightened. 5. AIR CLEANER A) The air filter bracket is attached to the crankcase with 1 long bolt, and a bracket-spacer. Removed the crankcase nut located between the tappet blocks & replace it with the enclosed bracket spacer; tighten the spacer securely. B) Remove the stud protectors from the K&N filter and place the two backing plates on the studs. Now slip the the filter onto the carburetor. C) Attach the 2 long brackets to the air filter studs with the enclosed nuts & flat washers, and to the bracket spacer with the enclosed bolt using the lock washers, and flat washers. When the carburetor and air cleaner are properly aligned, securely tighten all of the mounting hardware including the intake manifold clamps. In some cases it may be necessary to bend the brackets slightly to arrive at the correct fit. D) Use the enclosed hose clamps to secure the fuel hose to the petcock, and the HSR carburetor. The screw clamp goes on the petcock end and the spring clamp attaches to the carburetor end. E) Attach the chrome air filter cover with the enclosed socket head screw. 7. CHOKE CABLE INSTALLATION A) Attach the Mikuni choke cable bracket to the original choke cable bracket on the air cleaner stud with the enclose hardware as illustrated

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