HSR Carburetor Total Kits Installation And Tuning Manual


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1. Disconnect the battery ground wire from the battery. 2. Turn the fuel petcock to the “OFF” position. 3. Elevate the rear of the fuel tank for better access to the carburetor area. 4. Remove the coil, horn or other devices on the left hand side of the engine to allow free access to the intake manifold bolts. 5. Remove the complete air cleaner assembly, including the backing plate. 6. Disconnect any vacuum hoses and the fuel hose from the stock carburetor. 7. Disconnect the choke cable from the frame. 8. Remove the stock carburetor. 9. Evo: remove the stock manifold. 10. Twin Cam: unplug MAP sensor, remove manifold and then remove the MAP sensor from the manifold. Installation: Intake Manifold: Twin Cam only: Install MAP sensor in Mikuni manifold. 1. Attach the Mikuni manifold to the engine. Align the manifold before tightening the bolts. The flange surface of the Mikuni manifold should be parallel with the front of the engine’s cam cover. Use a level or angle meter to check this. Tighten the manifold bolts. 2. Attach the rubber flange to the Mikuni manifold with the 5/16″x3/4″ bolts and washers. To ease installation, use liqiud detergent to lubricate the manifold seals. Choke: Evo: We recommend that you use the Mikuni choke cable that is furnished with the carburetor. However, you can use the stock Harley cable (’90-’99 models only) if you follow the Twin Cam choke cable instructions. Twin Cam: 1. Remove the Harley choke cable from the stock carb. 2. Remove the Harley spring and plunger from the Harley choke cable. 3. Remove the Mikuni spring and plunger from the Mikuni carburetor. 5. Install the Mikuni spring and plunger onto the Harley choke cable. Change nothing else; be sure to use the Harley plastic nut, not the Mikuni nut. 6. Install the new assembly into the Mikuni. Be careful to only gently tighten the plastic nut.

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