JMJ-1500 Motorcycle/ ATV Jack OWNER'S MANUAL


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1. Secure hydraulic ram (20) to the lift base (4) with two screws (21 & 21A). 2. Insert foot pedal assembly (19) into hole over pump piston and secure it with screw (19A) and flat washer (19B). 3. Raise lifting frame (17) to the proper height and align holes in the hydraulic ram (20) with the holes in the middle of the lifting frame. Secure ram to lifting frame with clevis pin (18) and R-pin (22) provided. 4. Place the spring (18A) in position between the clevis pin (18) and screw (18B). Operation 1. Before each use, visually inspect jack for abnormal conditions such as cracked welds, leaks, and damaged, loose or missing parts. 2. To raise the jack, center it directly below object to be lifted. Pump the foot pedal (19) slowly, making sure saddle takes up weight firmly and centrally. Check positioning under slight load to confirm load is centered on jack and load will not shift or slip. 3. Continue to raise jack slowly by pumping foot pedal to reach desired height. 4. Once desired height has been reached, raise safety arms (8) or built-in jack stands, to engage in raised tabs on lift base (4). SLOWLY press pump release foot pedal (23) to allow load to lower and rest on safety arms. 5. Secure load to jack with hold down straps (not included). Fasten hold down straps to steel loops on front and rear of frame. 6. To transport jack under load, lower jack with foot pedal (23) SLOWLY to the lowest position and always use the tow handle (1). Use EXTREME CAUTION when transporting jack under load! 7. To lower jack, raise load slightly with foot pedal (19) and disengage safety arms (8) from lift base (4). Press pump release foot pedal (23) until jack has been completely lowered. Unfasten hold down straps and remove jack from vehicle. Maintenance Adding/Changing Hydraulic Oil: Maintain oil at full level. For best performance and long life, replace hydraulic fluid once a year. 1. With saddle (10) lowered completely, remove oil plug located in hydraulic ram (20). 2. Drain fluid into appropriate container. Always dispose of oil in accordance with local regulations. 3. Use only good quality hydraulic jack oil. Fill until oil is level with inner cylinder as seen from the opening of the filler hole. Reinstall oil plug. Lubricate the jack as indicated on a regular basis with 30W oil. 1. Saddle and linkage on foot pedals and all moving and pivoting parts. 2. Front and rear lifting arms. Always store jack in the fully lowered position. Inspect jack annually for defective parts, missing safety labels or decals. If jack is found to be damaged or defective in any way, or operates abnormally, it shall be removed from service until repaired

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