MACHINE SPECIFICATION FOR 115cc (UNDERBONE) (4-stroke horizontal layout engine)


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(This is for clarification only. Other parts not listed in Art. 2.5 & 2.6 can be altered or replaced. Change of specification means modification, changes or removal of the parts.) 2.6.1 Change of compression ratio is allowed. 2.6.2 Setting of carburetor, attachment or size change of air funnel. 2.6.3 Inlet opening of fuel tank for fuel charge may be modified but cannot be relocated. 2.6.4 Change of fuel pipe and fuel cork. 2.6.5 Change of exhaust pipe and muffler, but must have silencer. 2.6.6 Material of clutch discs and specifications of spring. Hand clutch is allowed. 2.6.7 Gear ratios are free. 2.6.8 Starting device and parts relative to this device may be removed. 2.6.9 Modification or removal of air cleaner box, wire harness and control wires. 2.6.10 Removal of speedometer (including meter gearbox and cable.) 2.6.11 Removal of drive chain case and cover. Change of drive chain is allowed. 2.6.12 Change of final gear ratio is allowed. 2.6.13 Attachment of bead stopper and balance weight to tyre. 2.6.14 Modification and change of rear brake part is allowed. 2.6.15 Frame body may be strengthened. 2.6.16 Modification and change to brackets and pedals including footrest. 2.6.17 Front suspension unit must remain as originally produced by the manufacturer. However, the following internal parts of the fork can be modified: Shims, hydraulic piston, oil passages, springs and spacers. 2.6.18 Attachment of stabilizer to strengthen or reinforcing rear swing arm is allowed. 2.6.19 Removal of dust seals. 2.6.20 Rear suspension unit must remain as originally produced by the manufacturer. However rear suspension unit is free. The rear linkage must remain as originally produced by the manufacturer. 2.6.21 Handle bars, clutch and front brake lever may be changed by an after market copy. Clutch springs may be changed. 2.6.22 Steering dampers may be fitted. They must not act in any way as a steering lock limiting device. 2.6.23 Materials of streamlining and material of seat cowling. (However, expensive materials such as carbon fibre and kevlar are not allowed). 2.6.24 Removal of rear mudguard and side cover. Front mudguard may be cut but not less than 6 inches from the front fork on original part. 2.6.25 All lubricants are free 2.6.26 Adjusting and polishing any parts are allowed. Adjusting is defined as : “To select each part or assembly complete with-in the limit of single or total tolerance” (i.e. that of valve clearance, ignition timing etc.) 2.6.27 Cutting unnecessary stays is

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