MC 1200 Motorcycle Trailer – 1200 lbs Assembly Instructions


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Tongue: Remove tongue assembly from the frame bundle. Insert into the tongue channel and slide into the front cross member of the frame. Secure with two (2) 3/8″ X 4″ carriage bolts and 3/8″ flange lock nuts. Tighten. Thread the tongue wire harness through the front top hole in the tongue and pull out the hole provided in the left side of the tongue towards the rear. Connect to the frame harness with the plugs provided. Install grommets. Safety Chains: Insert a 3/8″ X 1-1/4″ hex bolt into a 3/8″ flat washer, safety chain and then through the lower hole on the front of the tongue. Place on a 3/8″ flat washer on the inside of the tongue and secure with 3/8″ flange lock nuts. Repeat procedure on the opposite side of the tongue. Tighten. Coupler: Mount the coupler onto the tongue with a 1/2″ X 4″ hex bolt trough the rear mounting holes of the coupler. Using two (2) 1/2″ X 1″ hex bolt attach the coupler to the tongue using the front mounting holes. Secure with flange lock nuts. Tighten. Axle: Attach the spring busing in the rear spring shackles with 1/2″ X 3- 1/4″ hex bolts and 1/2″ flange lock nuts. Position the axle under the trailer with spring eye to the front of the trailer. Slip the flat end of the spring in the rear spring shackle above the bushing just installed. Secure the front spring eye to the front spring shackle with 98/16″ X 3-1/4″ hex bolts and 9/16″ hex lock nuts. Tighten. Mount the tire and rim assemblies to the axle assembly with 1/2″ lug nuts and tighten to 80-90 ft./lbs. of torque using the rotation pattern as shown in the Shore Land’r Owners Manual . Retorque the lug nuts after 50 miles of driving and then periodically thereafter. Ramps: Locate the loading ramp. Note that one end has two holes punched in the bottom of the channel. (See parts drawing) Insert a 3/8″ X 1-1/2″ full threaded carriage bolt into one of these holes. Secure in this position using a 3/8″ flange lock nut. Tighten Place a second 3/8″ flange lock nut onto the same bolt only until the threads of the bolt are exposed through the nut locking it in

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