Motorcycle stand Wheel chock set up and operating instructions


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1. can be adjusted to fit the wheel length. The Motorcycle Stand will fit most standard motorcycles currently on the market. However, some models with especially wide tires or custom low-profile front fenders will not fit. Mount the Support Arm (4) to the front of the Base using 2 Bolts (12), Washers 2. (5), and Nuts (6). Insert Pin (9) through the mounting holes and Cradle Stop (3); secure with Wash- 3. er (10) and R Pin (11). Insert Pin (9) through the mounting holes and Wheel Adapter (2); secure with 4. Washer (10) and R Pin (11). Securely tighten all hardware before use. 5. the Motorcycle stand must be mounted securely before use. 6. Page 5 SKU 97841 For technical questions, please call 1-800-444-3353. Mounting in concrete Choose a location to install the Motorcycle Stand that is flat, level, and capable of 1. bearing the combined weight of the Motorcycle Stand and the motorcycle being secured. The location should not obstruct walkways and provide enough room to retrieve the motorcycle after it is mounted. The surface of the location should be one suitable for the mounting of heavy equipment. Use the mounting holes in the Base (1) of the Stand as a template. Arrange the 2. Base in the chosen location and mark where the holes are to be drilled. You will need concrete anchors (not included) to secure the Base to the concrete 3. floor. Using the correct size concrete drill bit (not included), drill the mounting holes to secure the Base. Attach the concrete anchors to the floor. Secure the Base to the floor using con- 4. crete anchors.

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