MX And Enduro steering dampers Owners Manual


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setting The steering damper has three external setting possibilites, ie, setting of the damper valve, high- speed valve and sweep valve, which regulate the damping area (fig.2). Low speed valve Öhlins steering damper is delivered with the low speed valve set in a basic position that gives maximum basic damping. For enduro and motocross it is suitable to set the low speed in position 4-8, depending on the track and the rider. Turn clockwise to increase damping and counter clockwise to reduce it (fig.3). High speed valve The high-speed valve (fig.4) is set between 11/4 to 2 turns from the bottom position, suitable for enduro, motocross and off-road. WARNING! For all riding purposes the high-speed valve must be loosened at least 1 turn from the bottom. Otherwise the damping forces will become too high, making the ride hazardous. 5 3 High speed adjustment Steering damper body Link arm Sweep adjustment 4 Low speed adjustment Sweep adjustment Damping sweep controls Damping sweep controls (fig.8) are located on each side off the damper body. Damping is in position 2, (12 o´clock), when delivered from Öhlins. This setting is fitted for enduro, motocross and off-road riding

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