Pegasus Fuel Injection and Ignition Control Systems Installation Guide and Tuning Manual


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Hardware Installation The PFI system consists of two hardware sub-assemblies (1) Throttle assembly (2) Coil assembly. The throttle assembly resembles a carburetor except it has the brain mounted on top of it, plus injectors on the bottom and a throttle position sensor (TPS) on the side. The coil assembly contains the coil, fuel pump, electrical components, and pressure regulator. There is also a unique multi- tooth ignition pickup wheel, which replaces the stock one in the ignition cone, but we use the stock ignition pickup sensor. This pickup wheel, with its many teeth, is the key to sequential fuel injection and single fire ignition. The throttle assembly is designed to attach to an S&S ® Super G (53 mm diameter hole) or equivalent intake manifold. If you do not have one on your bike you can purchase one directly from BDL or from S&S, or from anyone that makes such a manifold. The coil assembly is already attached to the supplied top engine motor mount designed for rigid mounted engines. If you have a bike with a rubber-mounted engine, you can use a special adapter available from BDL. 1. ATTACHING THE THROTTLE ASSEMBLY-Using the supplied 3/8-16 x 1.25 bolts, attach the throttle assembly to the intake manifold using the included insulator block using a light film of silicone sealer. Note: It is imperative that you use the supplied bolts as longer ones may interfere with the brain and locktite ® is recommended . 2. ATTACHING THE THROTTLE SUPPORT PLATES-Attach the throttle support plate and your air filter backing plate to the front of the throttle. Connect the filter support plates to the cylinder head breather holes using the stock breather bolts.

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