PRO-CYCLE AND PRO-CYCLE XLT 1,000-Lbs. Capacity Motorcycle Lift


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1. Always inspect the lift for freight damage and make note of any damage on the bill of lading. 2. In case of freight damage, call the truck line immediately and report the damage as a freight claim. Final Set-Up for model Pro-Cycle This lift is more than 90% factory pre-assembled. The following steps will guide you through the final set-up. IT WOULD BE EASIER FOR TWO MEN TO COMPLETE FOLLOWING STEPS. 1. Unpack the lift from the shipping skid. With the lift table up side down, connect the air hose to the air cylinder (Part # 26). 2. After tightening the hose to the cylinder, flip the lift over with the table surface up. 5 3. Lift up the table manually to the first lock position to make sure the lift is rising freely. Lubricateing the joints again before use will ensure a better performance of the lift. 4. Connect the other end of the air hose to the foot-operated valve. Then connect the foot- operated valve to 100 PSI air supply. DO NOT USE AIR SUPPLY WITH PRESSURE MORE THAN 100 PSI. 5. Release the safety bar by pushing the handle down. Operate the foot valve by stepping on the footpad forward to raise the lift. The safety bar should engage the ladder automatically while lift is rising. Step on the footpad again to set the pad in middle position to stop the lift when it reaches the desired height. ALWAYS LOWER LIFT IN THE NEAREST LOCKED POSITION BEFORE BEGINNING WORK. NEVER USE THE LIFT UNLESS YOU ARE IN A LOCKED POSITION. The lift should never be left unattended while attached to air pressure. Disconnect the air pressure when lift is not attended by qualified persons. 6. Install the vise using bolts and nuts supplied with the lift (part # 6 to 12). See fig #1. 7. Install the approach ramp by dropping it into the holes punched on the rear edge of the table. The final Set-Up for the Pro-Cycle model is complete

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