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1. Place the motorcycle on its centerstand. Do this on a hard surface so the motorcycle will not easily tip. Do not do this on gravel or dirt. 2. Remove the air dam/lower cowl to gain access to the oil filter housing. Using a 12mm 6-point socket, remove the original oil filter bolt and housing. The engine will lose approx. ½ quart of oil when changing the filter. 3. Clean the engine surface behind the oil filter housing where the o-ring will seat. Install the adapter plate with the new o-ring supplied onto the threaded boss protruding from the engine with 0-ring side facing the engine. 4. Screw the hollow stud with the jam nut into the engine where the original filter bolt went. Note that the end with the longer portion of threads goes into the engine. Screw the stud in until it is finger tight. Check to be sure the o-ring on the back of the filter plate is sill in its groove. Tighten the jam nut with a 12″ crescent wrench. Be careful your wrench does not slip and marr the surface of the filter plate. Use approx. 15 to 20 lbs of force at the end of the wrench to tighten the stud. 5. YAMAHA VENTURES ONLY : The frame brace needs to be raised slightly to give you more clearance for a filter wrench when changing your filter in the future. This brace between the right & left frame rails directly over the filter. Loosen the four (2 per side) 8mm bolts (12mm wrench size) that have the long acorn nuts. After loosening the four bolts, you will notice that there is approximately ¼” slack in these bolts. Lift the brace up as far as possible & retighten the bolts. 6. Coat the new filter gasket with oil. Spin the new filter onto the adapter plate until the gasket makes contact, and then tighten ¾ of one turn. This must be done each time you install a new filter. Use a filter wrench if necessary. Be sure your filter is tight! 7. Add ½ quart of oil or change the oil if you desire. Start the engine. Allow it to run for 30 seconds or more. Rev the engine to 4,000 rpm for 20-30 seconds. Shut the engine off & check thoroughly for any oil leaks.

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