Stinger Folding Motorcycle Trailer Review And Specifications


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trailer with which to haul your machine(s). The steady stream of four-wheelers trailering two- wheelers to Daytona Bike Week proves that, for a considerable number of us, Mother Nature’s elements are sometimes best enjoyed upon reaching our destination, rather than experienced while traveling toward it. Travel aside, motorcycle trailers are handy, even indispensable, for getting asickly motorcycle to the shop, or to avoid committing the better part of a day waiting while the dealer installs new tires and brake pads. Finally, we find atrailer is preferable to a pickup truck for motorcycle transport, especially when singlehandedly loading/unloading. The problem for many of us is where do we find the space to park this little- used device? No matter if it’s a flatbe Rod Haskins, owner of metal bender Maintenance &Fab in Richmond, California, isn’t a rider himself, but his research indicated a market existed for a sturdily built, full-sized motorcycle trailer that folded compactly when not in use. Learning of a dormant but clever design developed by an agricultural trailer company, Haskins struck a deal, made several improvements and the Stinger Trailer was born. Werecently spent some time with a Stinger and found it to be a clever product. The Stinger arrived folded and secured to a wooden pallet. Assembly was simple, and within 20 minutes we had the 180- pound trailer ready to tow. The trailer is not towable in the folded position—that’s for storage only. Aone-car garage, home to our full-sized Chevrolet, couldn’tnormally house a motorcycle trailer, too. But the folded Stinger squeezed in nicely

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