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PREP AND TUNING FOR POWER: 1. Specific applications may show an increase in performance through additional carburetor tuning. 2. Aftermarket distributor curve kits and aftermarket ignitions may be used with the Street Tunnel Ram intake manifold. 3. Use modified or high performance cylinder heads such as our Performer RPM, and port match the intake manifold to the heads. 3. The engine’s compression ratio should be at least 9.5:1 to work properly with Torker-Plus or Performer RPM camshafts. INSTALLATION PROCEDURE INTAKE MANIFOLD BASE 1. Use only recommended intake gaskets set when installing this intake manifold. 2. Fully clean the cylinder head intake flanges and the engine block end seal surfaces. 3. Apply Edelbrock Gasgacinch sealant P/N 9300 to both cylinder head flanges and to the cylinder head side of the gaskets, allow to air dry, and attach the intake gaskets. 4. Do not use cork or rubber end seals. Use RTV silicone sealer instead. Apply a ΒΌ” high bead across each block end seal surface, overlapping the intake gasket at the four corners. This method will eliminate end seal slippage. 5. Install the intake manifold hold-down bolts (We offer an Intake Manifold Bolt Kit #8504 that includes small-head silver Cadmium-plated bolts and matching hardened washers). Apply a small amount of RTV silicone to the threads of the eight inner bolts (1,2,3,4,5,7,9, & 11) (See Figure 1) . This will prevent oil weepage, as generally these are not blind holes in the cylinder head. 6. Torque all of the manifold bolts in two steps by the sequence shown in Figure 1 to 25 ft/lbs. INTAKE MANIFOLD TOP 1. Apply Edelbrock Gasgacinch sealant P/N 9300 to the gasket mating surface and install the gasket and manifold top. 2. Install and tighten the supplied hold down bolts using a liquid thread-locking compound on the bolt threads. As an extra safety precaution, we suggest you drill a small safety wire hole in the head of each bolt and safety wire them together. Edelbrock Corporation expressly disclaims any liability for any and all consequential damages

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