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1. Find a mounting location for control box. The box is designed to be mounted to the top frame rail between split tanks, but can be mounted in a wide variety of places. If possible the box should be fastened using small screws or rivets but can be wire tied in place. Make sure the location is away from moving parts and heat sources. 2. Pre-fit harness to bike. Attach rear harness to control box. Each wire is color coded and labeled. Route individual wires to their destinations and do not cut to length. Keep wires in a bunch until they need to branch off. Use electrical tape to hold main wire bunch wherever individual or multiple wires branch off. Keep wires away from sharp edges or pinch points and leave extra wire for suspension movement. Repeat this for front and right/left harnesses. All wires not being used should be cut off at connector or secured to prevent shorts. When all wires are routed, cut excess length from ends leaving a couple extra inches for final fitment. 3 Remove pre-fitted harness from bike to install heat shrink tubing. Start at main connector and cut tubing approximately 1 inch past first branch. This will allow the next piece of tubing to slide into the first. Repeat this along entire harness. After encasing harness with heat shrink, use a heat gun to shrink tubing starting at main connectors. Be careful to not burn through the tubing with too much heat. Refit the harness to the bike, attaching to frame where necessary. Cut the ends of harness to length and strip the ends. Attach the terminals to the wire ends and use heat gun to shrink ends. Attach terminals to their destinations. 4. The diagnostic LED’s are used to locate shorts or overloads. Pinched or bare wires, faulty components or too much current draw usually causes these. If an LED is on, turn off the bike, locate and correct the problem, then turn the bike back on. The bike must be turned off to reset the protection circuit. If no LED’s are lit, but turn signals and dash lights do not work properly, make sure the control box main ground has a good connection to the chassis ground. 5. The control box operates the turn signals as listed: First command – flash 10 times then cancel Second command on same side – cancel Second command opposite side – cancel current sequence, flash 10 times then cancel Both sides at same time – hazard, all signals flash Brake switch – flash rear signals three times then stay on for 30 seconds

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