YUASA Battery Applications And Specifications


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Component Features Benefits Cast Grid Special Grid Design Severe vibration resistance & improved conductivity Active Material Proprietary Formulation Reduced shedding, maximum utilization, & long service life Pasted Plates Specified Thickness Ensures vibration resistance through & Weight precise compression & proper service life through specified active material balance Dried-Charged Tank Formed & Properly dried plates in a sealed battery Plates Dried Plates have a virtually limitless shelf-life, while still retaining 70-80% state of charge when initially filled with acid Top Lead Through-Partition Construction, Shorter current path for increased Connections Large Straps electrical conductivity & higher starting currents, heavier parts for maximum durability Case-Cover Thermal Bonded Plastic Air tight seal to prevent air ingress Seal & acid seepage Terminal- Cover Patented Poly-Seal Eliminates acid seepage, reduces Seal Terminal corrosion, & extends battery life Case & Cover Polypropylene Superior resistance to gasoline & oil, impact resistant in extreme weather conditions Additive Sulfate Stop Sulfate stop added to reduce the solubility (Some models) of lead into the acid, which then reduces battery sulfation potenti

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