2001 – '2005 Highlander (V6) FUEL INJECTOR TICKING NOISE


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Do NOT smoke or work near an open flame when working on the fuel system. Keep gasoline away from rubber or leather parts. Wear safety goggles while working with the fuel system under pressure. Do NOT disconnect any part of the fuel system until you have discharged the fuel system pressure. Even after discharging the fuel pressure, place a shop rag over fittings as you separate them to reduce risk of fuel spray on yourself or in the engine compartment. 1. Discharge fuel system pressure. A. Remove Circuit Opening Relay from Relay Block No. 1 located to the left of the Instrument Panel Junction Block behind the left lower finish panel If the connector and pipe are stuck, pinch the fuel pipe, push and pull the connector by hand to disconnect them. Do not use any tools. E. Drain the fuel that remains inside Fuel Pipe Sub-assembly No. 1. F. Place a tray under the vehicle or point of disconnection, if needed, to catch any fuel that may spill. G. Protect the disconnected fuel lines from debris by covering with a vinyl or plastic bag. H. Remove the original pulsation damper from the rear fuel rail. I. Remove and discard the remaining bolt holding Fuel Pipe Sub-assembly No. 1 to the front fuel rail

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