All 2002 – 2007 Toyota & 2004 – 2007 Scion Models REPAIR MANUAL SUPPLEMENT VEHICLE PULLING TO ONE SIDE


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Relationship Between Tire Characteristics and Vehicle Pulling to One Side When radial tires are rotating, they have the characteristic of generating force in the lateral direction between the tire and the road surface. This lateral force is comprised of two factors: S Ply-steer, which changes direction according to the rotation direction of the tires.
S Conicity, which is generated in a fixed direction regardless of the tire rotation direction. If these lateral forces are too strong, vehicle pulling will occur. A. Ply-Steer Lateral force due to ply-steer is produced by the construction of the belts inside the tire tread. With radial tires, the wire of the belt is slanted as shown in the illustration below. Thus, it is in the lateral direction that tire tread easily changes shape (stretches), and lateral force is generated between the tire and the road surface in the lateral direction.

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