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With so many automatic transmission fluids, it’s hard to choose the one best-suited for each vehicle. Beginning in 2007, there will be several changes to the way we look at transmission fluids. Products meeting current DEXRON®-III /MERCON® specifications will no longer be officially licensed by GM and Ford. However, products meeting these specifications will still be available – packaged as Valvoline® DEX/MERC and Valvoline’s MaxLife® DEX/MERC transmission fluids. The DEX/MERC fluids are recommended for GM, Ford and many import vehicles, 2005 and older. MERCON®V will also be compatible for Ford vehicles, 1996 and newer. GM has introduced DEXRON®-VI -a new, full-synthetic transmission fluid for GM vehicles and select imports, 2006 and newer. It is also backwards compatible for older GM vehicles. Valvoline now offers DEXRON®- VI fluid, officially licensed and approved by General Motors

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