Rear Toyota Landcruiser 4×4 S-W 80-100 GX


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Jack up rear of vehicle or raise on hoist. Support frame with safety stands. Remove lower shock absorber
attaching bolts. 2. Lower axle or raise body or vehicle until suspension is fully extended. CAUTION: Observe tension on brake line – do not strain. Remove coil springs noting location of the end of the coil spring in the lower spring seat. 3. Using a 3/4” drill enlarge the diameter of the hole in the lower spring seat to 3/4”. Remove all burrs and sharp edges (Figure 2). 4. Using a socket and extension, remove the rubber bump stop from the upper spring seat and discard (Figure 1). 5. Insert air cylinder into coil spring with stem at bottom (Figure 3). 6. Raise the axle or lower the body to install coil spring into spring seats and rotate to proper location. Attach lower shock absorber attaching bolts. Torque to 25 ft. lbs.

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