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A musty odor may be emitted from the air conditioning system of some vehicles which are usually operated in areas with high temperature and humidity. It is most noticeable when the air conditioner is first turned “ON” after the vehicle has been parked for several hours. The odor could result from one or more of the following conditions: 1. Blockage of the evaporator housing drain pipe, resulting in the build up of condensate. 2. Microbial growth in the evaporator, arising from dampness in the evaporator housing where the cooling air flow is dehumidified. To address excessive air conditioning evaporator odor, check the evaporator housing drain pipe for blockage. If no problems are found, the evaporator and housing should be cleaned and disinfected using the general procedure given on page 2, and the model specific procedure on the pages indicated in the Table of Contents at the bottom of this page. Affected While this procedure may be used on any Toyota vehicle, this bulletin gives details Vehicles specifically for the AE100 Corolla, SXV/VCV10 Camry, MCX10 Avalon, MX83 Cressida, AT 180/200 Celica, ST184/204 Celica, JZA80 Supra, EL42/44/53 Tercel/ Paseo, TCR10/20 Previa, FZJ80 Land Cruiser series as well as recent production Truck, Tacoma, T100, 4Runner and MR2 models.

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