Toyota Tacoma 2001-2003 Dash Pad Removal & Installation Procedures


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During a test drive, locate the noise source by using the palm of your hand to apply
pressure on the suspect area or by grasping and holding onto the suspected source.
When disassembling the dash, it is suggested that all of the identified noise reducing
countermeasures be performed, as shown below.
Noise Located at Defroster Duct
1. Remove instrument panel (refer to the Tacoma Repair Manual Volume 2, pages BO-
52 to BO-54, for applicable year).
2. Remove plastic defroster nozzle assembly and discard.
3. Add EPT sealer to the inlet and outlet surfaces of a new defroster nozzle assembly
(P/N 559501-04020).
4. Install the new defroster nozzle assembly.
5. Insulate all clips, pins and connectors used.

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