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Care must be taken when installing this accessory to ensure damage does not occur to the vehicle. The installation of this accessory should follow approved guidelines to ensure a quality installation. These guidelines can be found in the “Accessory Installation Practices” document. This document covers such items as: • Vehicle Protection (use of covers and blankets, cleaning chemicals, etc.). • Safety (eye protection, rechecking torque procedure, etc.). • Vehicle Disassembly/Reassembly (panel removal, part storage, etc.). • Electrical Component Disassembly/Reassembly (battery disconnection, connector removal, etc.). Please see your Toyota dealer for a copy of this document. 1. Vehicle Protection. (a) Place driver seat in mid position. (b) Set emergency brake. (c) Remove the negative battery cable. (Fig. 1-1) (1) Protect the fender before starting. CAUTION: Do not touch the positive terminal with any tool when removing cable. (d) Using protective blankets cover front seats, interior of vehicle and center console and front side of the shift lever. (e) Wait 90 seconds before proceeding to disassemble vehicle. 2. Disassembly of Vehicle. NOTE: Place all removed parts on a protected surface. NOTE: When disconnecting wiring connectors, do not pull on the wiring; pull on the connector only. (a) Remove air conditioning control assembly (L,R). (Fig. 2-1) (1) Apply protective tape. (2) Using a panel remover, disengage the four (4) clips and remove the air conditioning control assembly

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