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Remove the stock transfer case from the stock tailhousing adapter. The stock tailhousing is retained along with the stock rubber crossmember support. Once the transfer case is removed, you’ll see a seal located in the stock tailhousing. This seal must be removed and discarded. Some tailhousings also had a bearing which also must be removed. Install the new oil seal into the large end of the seal adapter. The sealing lip should be facing down. The small end of the seal adapter has the same O.D. (outside diameter) as the old seal that was just removed from the stock tailhousing. The seal adapter is a press-fit into the stock tail and should now be installed. The kit comes with a new spud shaft which fits over the stock Toyota transmission 26 spline output shaft. This spud shaft has a Jeep 23 male spline on the opposite side which fits into a standard 23 spline Atlas case. When installing the spud shaft into the Toyota transmission, the spud shaft does not seal onto the new seal just previously installed. The seal contacts seal off of the Atlas input shaft. The adapter plate should now be installed onto the Atlas transfer case. The adapter plate indexes off of the Atlas front retainer

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