2006-2010 Triumph Sprint St 1050 Exhaust System Installation Instructions


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1. Make sure the bike is completely cool before starting the installation. Make sure the bike is secure on center stand or ideally a service lift. 2. Remove the seat and handle: 3. Remove the rear cowling: 4. Remove the fender assembly: 5. Remove the plastic cover on fender assembly to expose the brake and turn signal wires. Disconnect the brake light wires: 6. Remove the OEM muffler: 7. To install the Two Brothers Racing Slip-on Exhaust System: Attach the slip-tube with the X-Lite Ring™ to the muffler using the 4 (four) 6x14mm socket head cap screws and split lock washers provided. Leave loose for now. 8. Attach the rubber lined muffler clamps and plate brackets as shown to the muffler assembly using the 2 (two) 8x20mm socket head cap screws and nuts provided. Leave loose for now. 9. Install muffler assembly using the OEM mounting bolts and joint clamp. 10. Make sure muffler is aligned when the bike is centered. Then tighten the four V.A.L.E.™ assembly bolts and clamp bolts. Make sure there is clearance between wiring and all body parts. 11. Attach the turn signals/taillights and plate lights as shown in Wiring Diagram. Join wires to main wire harness using the supplied splice connectors and blue scotch locks. You can either cut the OEM modular connectors off of the wiring harness or splice new wire to them. The supplied lighting devices will need to have the modular connectors removed. Run all wiring to the left side of the rear frame, away from the muffler assembly making sure there is adequate clearance from all body parts. Make sure all lights work correctly. 12. Re-install the fender assembly, rear cowling, seat and handle from steps 2-4. 13. Double check your work for alignment and fitment. 14. Before you run the bike, clean off all fingerprints and dirt, as any oily residue will etch the metal and become somewhat permanent when the system gets hot. Remove any plastic film from name badge(s) and/or canister clamp(s). Run the bike and enjoy. It is normal for some white smoke to appear the first time you start the bike. This is packing/manufacturing oil from inside the pipe burning off. Check for gaps or leaks. If you find a leak, a little high temperature silicon sealant should fix it. After 50 to 100 miles, recheck all fasteners for tightness

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