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1) Place the motorcycle in a vise or on it’s stand and make sure it is safe and secure. 2) Remove the right side muffler heat shield. Loosen the right side muffler inlet clamp. Remove and retain the muffler mounting bolt and nut. Remove the right side muffler from the motorcycle. 3) If the gasket remained on the stock muffler inlet tube, remove it and inspect. Replace if necessary and then install onto the Jardine muffler inlet tube. 4) Slide the Jardine muffler into the stock s-bend outlet. 5) Attach the rubber strip to the inside of one supplied muffler clamp. Slide the muffler clamp over the muffler withe the offset facing inward. Squeeze both muffler clamp tabs together and secure it to the muffler mounting bracket using the original bolt and nut. Do not fully tighten yet. 6) Adjust the muffler so it is straight and fully tighten the t-bolt clamp, then the muffler clamp hardware. 7) Repeat steps #2-6 for the left side muffler. 8) Clean all fingerprints from the muffler. Start the motorcycle and check for any exhaust leaks. Ratchet 12mm Socket 12mm Wrench Spring Tool or Needlenose Pliers 2 – Mufflers (Left & Right) 2 – Muffler Clamps 2 – Rubber Strips SLIP-ON EXHAUST SYSTEM TRIUMPH SPEED TRIPLE 2006 18-7008-123-02 ALUMINUM 18-7008-323-02 CARBON FIBER PERFORMANCE DELIVERED! All Jardine products are warranted against defective materials and workmanship for a period of 90 days from date of original consumer purchase. Any non-defective item may be returned within 7 working days, and will be subject to a 20% restocking/repackaging fee. WHATIS WARRANTED: Any Jardine product returned, with prior approval, for defective materials or workmanship including chrome blistering, peeling, bubbling, or any unused (new) Jardine product with rust damage

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