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1. If you are installing the relocation arms at the same time as floorboards install the floorboards first per their instructions. When installing the relocation arms with floorboards already installed proceed as follows. 2. Starting on the left side, fold the floorboard up. Remove the socket head bolt and nut which secures the floorboard to the motorcycles stock peg support and remove the floorboard taking notice of which holes the dowel pins are located in. 3. Install one of the 5/16″x1 Ω” hex bolts supplied thru the stock peg support from the backside (The threads of the bolt will face out towards you.) Place the two dowel pins into the holes at one o’clock and seven o’clock on the stock peg mount. Place the spacer blocks backside (stamped with an “L”) onto the bolt and align the hole with the pins. 4. Locate the relocation arm that has an “L” stamped on the backside of it. Place two of the supplied dowel pins into one of the two sets of the holes in the arm that are directly across from one another (180 degrees apart). Place the arm onto the spacer bock aligning the pins in the arm with the holes closest to six and twelve o’clock. Depending on which of the two sets of holes on the arm you chose the arm would, either be down at about seven o’clock or just below nine o’clock. These are the initial height settings and you may select which ever set is most comfortable for the passenger. Install one of the acorn nuts supplied onto the bolt and make finger tight. 5. Place the floorboard with its two dowel pins into the set of holes at the other end of the relocation arm that allows the floorboard to be horizontal or parallel to the ground. Use one of the 5/16″x3/4″ socket head bolts supplied to bolt the floorboard to the relocation arm and make finger tight. 6. Install the right side in the same manner, place the dowel pins in the holes at eleven o’clock and at five o’clock on the stock peg mount, then the spacer blocks backside (stamped “R”) onto the pins followed by the relocation arm with two dowel pins in one set of holes (180 degrees apart). Check to see that the right arm is at the same height or position as the left then install the acorn nut finger tight. Bolt the floorboard the other end of the arm using the remaining dowel pins and socket head bolt. Tighten the two bolts with the acorn nuts and the two socket head bolts securely

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