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1. Remove the front turn signals as follows. The turn signal wire plugs are located inside the handlebar switch housings. Remove the two Phillips screws located on the forward facing side of the switch housing, remove the covers, unplug the turn signals and reassemble the switch housings. Unbolt the signals from their black mounting brackets, remove the brackets from the bottom side of the switch housings, reinstall the nuts and tighten securely. 2. Disassemble the two halves of the turn signal mounting clamps supplied, place the M6 X 25mm button head screws thru the hole in the side of the clamp from the inside, place the spacers supplied over the screw threads. Screw the clamps and spacers onto the turn signals. Hold the signal/clamp assemblies up to the front fork, position the signals so that the housing/lens seam is vertical and straight, carefully remove the assemblies from the forks and tighten the screws securely. Install the signal/clamps onto the forks, set to the desired height and angle and tighten the clamp screws securely. 3. Using a sharp knife slit the black wire loom from the turn signal plug back 7″. Pull the turn signal wires and plugs out from the loom. Fold the wires along the loom going down towards the headlight. Leave 2-3″ of the wire next to the plug exposed and neatly tape the rest of the wire to the loom and the loom closed back up to the handlebar switch. 4. Connect the signal wires to the plugs from the wire loom. Using the cable ties supplied tie up any loose or unconcealed wire and the plugs.

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