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1. Place a blanket folded several times over the fuel tank to help prevent any damage during the installation of the risers. Loosen the two 14mm riser mounting nuts located on the bottom side of the upper steering head. Loosen the four handlebar top clamp 6mm socket head screws. 2. It will help having a second person to hold the handlebars while you change the risers. Remove the four screws from the clamps and then remove the clamps. Pull the handlebars up off the risers, pull them back and rest them on top of the blanket. 3. Remove the nuts from the bottom of the risers and remove the risers carefully without allowing the risers to rotate, as this will scratch the clear coating on the upper steering head. Using the bolts, lock washers and washers supplied install the new risers making the bolts finger tight only. (NOTE; again, take care not to allow the risers to rotate as this will scratch the clear coating on the upper steering head). 4. Place the handlebars back up onto the new risers. Install the new top clamps supplied using the four M8 X 30mm socket head screws supplied. Set the height of the handlebars to the desired position, tighten the front bolts first and then the rear securely. (15-18 ft. lbs.) (There should be no gap between the riser and clamp at the front side) Tighten the two riser mounting bolts securely. (20-25 ft. lbs.). 5. Turn the handlebars all the way to the left and then right checking for any pulling or binding of the wires, hoses or cables. YOU MUST! Check to see that the throttle returns freely on its own when the handlebars are at full left and full right turn THIS STEP IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR OBVIOUS SAFETY REASONS! If you have a windshield installed it may be necessary to reroute the throttle cables, wires or hoses around the other side of the windshields mounting hardware to obtain adequate free play and free throttle return. You may also wish to remove the plastic clips or cable tie which secure the wiring to the handlebars and secure them to the brake hose and clutch cable (not the throttle cables) for a cleaner appearance

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