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1. Starting on the left (shifter) side remove shifter pivot bolt (large allen head). Rotate the shifter assembly out of the way. Remove the retaining clip from the bottom of the foot peg pivot pin. Remove the pin and the foot peg. 2. Install the left floorboard in the original foot peg mounting location. (Note the L & R markings on the backside of the mounting blocks.) Place the allen bolt (supplied) through the original mount and the floorboard. It may also help to use the shank of a Phillips screwdriver in the bolthole at the same time to help align the holes. In some cases due to variances in the stock foot peg bracket it you may need to use a 25/64″ (.390) drill bit and drill thru both the bracket and the floorboards mounting block to allow the bolt to go thru. The blocks and their holes are machined to exact tolerances and is kept as close as possible to the size of the peg bracket so that there will not be any looseness or drooping of the floorboards when installed. Thread one of the Ny-loc nuts (supplied) onto the bolt and tighten securely. Reinstall shifter assembly and tighten securely. 3. Repeat for right side and re-check hardware for tightness. (The brake assembly will not need to be removed.)

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