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1. Loosen the 10mm nuts at the ends of the shifter linkage rod (notice one end is a left hand thread). Remove the 10mm nut from the shifter arm & disengage the linkage. Remove the shifter pivot bolt using a 8mm hex key wrench. Remove the washer on the threaded side of the shifter pivot bolt. 2. Place one of the wave washers supplied onto the pivot bolt. Place a small amount of grease on the shifter pivot bolt shank and the Heel / Toe shifter pivot hole, insert the pivot bolt into the pivot hole of the toe heel shifter. Use a drop of blue loctite on the shifter pivot bolt threads and install the Heel / Toe shifter, tighten the pivot bolt securely. Check to see that the shifter pivots freely. If the side play is excessive (this is a result of variances in manufacturing tolerances of the stock and supplied components) remove the pivot bolt and install the second wave washer supplied. 3. Unscrew the linkage rod and replace it with the longer rod supplied (NOTE the rod has a left hand thread on one end and right hand threads on the other). Insert the shifter linkage stud into the desired hole in the new shifter being sure the flats on the stud engage the slot on the backside of the bolthole. Install the nut and finger-tighten only at this time. 4. While seated on the motorcycle first find the height setting you prefer for the toe shifter. Using one of the three boltholes for the linkage can set this. You can also gain some adjustment by exposing more or less threads of the new longer shifter linkage rod; however be sue that you have a minimum of 4-5 threads still engaged in the linkage ends. After setting the height, tighten all three 10mm nuts (the two at the ends of the linkage rod and the one which attaches the linkage to the toe/heel shifter) securely. After you have the toe shifter adjusted to your liking you can select the heel shifter height by moving the button head cap screw that secures the toe shifter to the heel shifter (Using a 5/32″ hex key wrench) next to the 10mm linkage nut to any of its three holes

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