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1. Starting on the right side (towards the front of the motor) locate the three mounting bolts that secure the brake assembly bracket (a chrome tube) to the bottom of the motor. Remove the bottom and front bolts. Repeat for left side. 2. Locate the front motor mount bolt. This is the black bolt located at the very front of the engine about halfway down behind the radiator. Remove the nut from this bolt on the left side. Properly secure the bike and use a jack to lift up on the motor to release the pressure from the motor mount bolt. Remove the bolt. 3. On the right side place the motor mount bolt thru the upper mounting hole of the right tip over bar. Install the tip over bar by feeding the motor mount bolt thru the original hole and inserting the two bolts (supplied) into the bottom mounting holes. (Do not tighten yet.) 4. On the left side install the top of the left tip over bar by inserting it into the right side tip over bar. Align the tip over bar so that the motor mount bolt extends thru the upper mounting hole. Thread the original locking nut onto the motor mount bolt a couple of turns. Now align the bottom of the tip over bar and install the remaining two bolts (supplied). Tighten the motor mount bolt (torque to 28-32 ft/lbs) and the lower four bolts (torque to 14-18 ft/lbs) securely. 5. Re-check all hardware for tightness

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