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1. Place a blanket folded several times over the fuel tank to help prevent any damage during the installation of the risers. Using a small screwdriver pry out the plastic caps covering the handlebar clamp bolts. 2. Reroute the clutch cable behind the steering head as follows. Remove the clutch cable from the lever and perch. To do this first loosen the cable adjuster lock nut and then the adjuster as far as possible to give its maximum free play. Align their slots with the slot in the perch so that the cable may slide out. Standing in front of the handlebars grasp the clutch cable firmly trying to pull it out of the adjuster with one hand while pulling in the lever with the other hand. Now release the lever rapidly. Repeat several times if needed while keeping outward tension on the cable until the cable is out of the adjuster then slide it out thru the slots and remove the cable end from the lever. Reroute the clutch cable behind the steering head this will allow the additional slack needed when moving the handlebars back with the new risers (see photo). Replace the cable into the perch in the same manner. 3. It will help having a second person to hold the handlebars while you change the risers. Remove the four Allen bolts from the clamps and then remove the clamps. Pull the handlebars up off the risers, pull them back and rest them on top of the blanket. 4. Remove the Allen bolts from the center of the risers while holding the 14mm nut on the bottom side of the steering head with a wrench. Remove the risers leaving the large washer on the top side of the steering head in place. Using the bolts and lock washers supplied and the original heavy or thick washer install the new risers making the bolts finger tight only. 5. Place the handlebars back up onto the new risers. Install the new top clamps supplied using the four Allen bolts remover earlier. Set the height of the handlebars to the desired position, tighten the front bolts first and then the rear securely. (15-18 ft. lbs.) (There should be no gap between the riser and clamp at the front side) Tighten the two riser mounting bolts securely. (20-25 ft. lbs.). Replace the plastic bolt caps.

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