Triumph T595 Daytona and T509 Speed Triple Specifications


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1. Tachometer 8. Turn Indicator light 2. Tachometer ‘Red Zone’ 9. Low Oil Pressure Warning Light 3. Speedometer 10. High Beam Indicator Light 4. Odometer 11. Neutral Indicator Light 5. Trip Meter 12. Low Fuel Level Indicator Light 6. Trip Meter Reset Knob 13. Engine Management Malfunction 7. Coolant Temperature Gauge Indicator Light SPEEDOMETER The speedometer indicates the road speed of the motorcycle. In the speedometer face are the odometer and trip meter. The odometer shows the total distance that the motorcycle has travelled. The trip meter shows the distance travelled since the meter was last reset to zero. The trip meter can be reset to zero by rotating the reset knob situated on the left hand side of the speedometer. TACHOMETER The tachometer shows the engine speed in revolutions per minute – rpm (r/min). On the right side of the tachometer face is the ‘red zone’. Engine rpm (r/min) in the red zone is above maximum recommended engine speed and is also above the range for best performance. / f&it. ::;:%M,to %:th:’z zone as severe engme damage may NOTE The ‘Red Zone’ position for Daytona is different to that on the Speed Triple. Page 16
General Information COOLANT TEMPERATURE GAUGE The coolant temperature gauge indicates the temperature of the engine coolant. On the right -hand side of the gauge face is the ‘red zone. If the temperature gauge needle moves into the ‘red zone’ this indicates that the engine is overheating. needle enters the ‘red zone’ as severe WARNING LIGHTS I a0 INDICATORS When the indicator switch is turned to left or right, the corresponding direction indicator light flashes on and off. cl ~ LOW OIL PRESSURE: The low oil pressure warning light becomes illuminated whenever the oil pressure is dangerously low (or the ignition switch is in the ‘ON’ position with the engine not running). When the engine is running, the light will remain off when sufficient oil pressure is present. When starting the motorcycle, check that the light comes on when the ignition is in the ‘ON’ position, but goes out as soon as the engine starts A! CAUTION: Stop the engine immediately if the low oil pressure warning light comes on during normal operation. Do not restart the engine until the fault has been rectified. Severe engine damage will result from running the engine when the oil warning light is illuminated. HIGH BEAM: When the headlights are switched on and the headlight dip switch is set to ‘high beam’, the high beam warning light will illuminate. IElI NEUTRAL: The neutral warning light indicates when the transmission is in neutral (no gear selected). The warning light will illuminate when the transmission is in neutral with ignition switch in the ‘ON’ position. ml LOW FUEL: The low fuel indicator will illuminate when there are approximately 3.7 litres of fuel remaining in the tank. Et3 ENGINE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM MALFUNCTION INDICATOR LIGHT: The malfunction indicator light for the engine management system illuminates when the ignition is switched on, remains illuminated during starting, and goes out shortly after the engine starts. If the malfunction indicator light becomes illuminated during riding, a fault has occurred in the engine management system. In this case the system will switch to ‘limp-home’ mode so that riding may continue. Contact an authorised Triumph dealer as soon as possible to have the fault checked out and rectified

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