Triumph TT 600 Installation instructions


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1) It is essential to use Blue Loc-tite on all setscrews and bolts or they will come loose. 2) Remove the stock 30mm nut AND washer , that holds the top triple clamp tight and discard them. 3) Install the new aluminum nut supplied in the kit with the Hex drive facing up and torque to 45 ft. lbs. or more. 4) Install the new “triple clamp damper mount” (TC mount), the part with 6 set screws in it , over the main triple clamp nut with the “machined register” (lip) indexing over the back of the triple clamp (see photo below). Tip to save time: Before installation, using Loc-tite, start all the setscrews first, until flush with the inside bore. 5) Be sure this damper mounting bracket is setting flush on the triple clamp surface all the way around. This part is machined precisely to fit over the stock triple clamp. Due to the fact the stock triple clamp is cast, they could vary is size. Remove or trim around any obstructions that might prevent the TC mount from sitting down flush such as carbon fiber deco plates. 6) Loc-tite and engage the setscrew at the 12 o’clock (front) position first so it pulls the “register up against the back of your triple clamp. Do not tighten this setscrew, just snug it enough to secure the position of the TC mount. 7) Loc-tite and tighten the remaining setscrews evenly until they make contact with the groove and are secured tightly. It’s a good idea to check the setscrews after the first ride as they will seat into their final position and need re-tightening. 8) Tip to save time: Before installation, using Loc-tite start all the setscrews first, until flush with the inside bore. 9) (Note: You must use some heat to compromise the Loc-tite before trying to remove the setscrews or the small Allen head setscrews can be stripped easily). 10) Remove the stock front fuel tank retaining bolt and washer. You must use the longer 6×30 bolt provided . 11) Retain the rubber bushing and the spacer-washer that fits inside the rubber bushing for your tank mount. 12) The gas tank mounting hole is actually off-center from the factory on this bike, by only 1mm or so, so our frame bracket has a slot instead of hole so you can make fine adjustments in the alignment of the frame bracket. 13) Install the frame bracket so the “feet” that contact the frame are positioned to match the frame. View the photo below to see how it should look and remain straight with the front edge of the gas tank. There is a front and back to this part. 14) We’ve machined this frame bracket precisely to match the Triumph frame, so as the bolt tightens up it will pre-load the frame bracket just enough to secure it tightly to the frame. 15) Remember, under heavy braking your entire body weight is pushing the tank forward. Until you have verified sufficient clearance between the tank and the frame bracket, put something between the tank and frame bracket to protect the tank. Each bike will vary as to how much movement there actually is under heavy braking 16) Grease the tower-pin lightly and drop it in the tower-pin hole. It is designed to “float”. Keep the hole and shaft portion of the tower pin greased for easy movement. 17) Install the stabilizer using (2) 6×20 Allens. The link arm slot aligns with the flats on the tower pin. 18) Read your damper manual for initial settings on the controls.

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