TVS50 Voice Processing System Installation Manual


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installation must be performed by a qualified professional installer. If required, provide the telephone company with the following technical information:  The telephone numbers to which the system will be connected Make: Panasonic Model: KX-TVS50 FCC Registration No.: found on the back of the unit Ringer Equivalence No.: 0.4B Facility Interface Code: 02LS2 Service Order Code: 9.0F Required Network Interface Jack: RJ11C Connection to the Telephone Line The VPS unit must not be connected to coin operated telephone lines. Contact the telephone company before connecting this unit to a party line. Telephone Service Problems The telephone company may temporarily discontinue service if the VPS causes problems with the telephone network. Discontinued service usually occurs after prior notification. When prior notification is not practical, the telephone company must:  Promptly notify the customer of the temporarily discontinued service.  Provide the customer with an opportunity to correct the situation or problem.  Inform the customer of the right to bring a complaint to the Federal Communication Commission pursuant to the procedures set forth in Subpart E of Part 68 of the FCC Telephone Equipment Rules. Telephone Network and Terminal Equipment compatibility Availability of Telephone Interface Information When requested by the customer, the telephone company must provide the following information:  technical information concerning interface parameters.  technical information not specified in FCC rules such as the number of ringers that can be connected to a particular telephone line. Changes in Telephone Company Communications Facilities, Equipment, Operations, and Procedures The telephone company may make changes to its communication facilities, equipment, operations, or procedures, when such action is reasonably required in the operation of its business, and is not inconsistent with FCC rules (FCC Telephone Equipment Rules, Part 68). The customer shall be given adequate notice in writing when changes will

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