HONDA VTX1800 Complete System Installation Instructions


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You should have 2 sets on instructions, use the 2 !! -This kit includes 8 brake lines and 1 clutch hose. -1) First of all, remove gas tank and seat. -2) Remove all fluid from motorcycle, bike has 5 bleeding nipples. -3) Understand the complete stock brake system write yourself a few notes about the connections for the front caliper lines, make sure to label all lines as you remove them in case you need to re-install. -4) Set up one of the “T” block on the frame by the gas tank. -5) Remove rear stock line and stock junction block (under seat area) -6) install Galfer rear hose, (Diagram 1 ) and route it as shown in picture, use stock frame clamps to bring rear hose to the Galfer “T”. (See picture on step 4) 7) Remove stock foot brake line. Route line labeled as Diagram #2 from foot master cylinder to 3-way splitter on frame. Foot master cylinder end banjo:

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