2001 URAL Classic Motorcycles Owner's Manual


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Front brake control lever (Fig.1, #5). When the lever is squeezed, the front wheel brake is actuated. The front brake should be used together with rear brake. When the brake lever is squeezed, the stop signal lamps are switched on. Kick lever (Fig.1, #11) is designed to start the engine. On pressing the lever the crankshaft of the engine is actuated through the gearbox. The lever is returned to its initial position by the spring inside the gearbox. Note: this is a backup to the electric starter. Gear shift foot pedal (Fig.1, #12) is a two-arm type. When the front arm is pressed, shifting from high to lower gears takes place. When the rear arm is pressed, shifting from low to higher gears takes place. Since the heel-toe shift lever is short-coupled, you will find it easier to shift up if you rotate the heel of your left foot in towards the rear arm before stepping on it with your heel. The neutral position is fixed between the I and II gears. Throttle Control (Fig.1, # 6) is on the right handlebar. Turning the twist grip counterclockwise increases engine speed. Engine cutoff switch (Fig.1, # 7) has two positions, ignition off (up), and ignition on (down). Low and high beam light switch (Fig.1, # 15), turn indicator switch (Fig.1, #13) and horn push-button (Fig.1, # 14) are combined in one unit on the left-hand handle bar control housing. Master battery switch (Fig.1, # 21) is under the seat. Electric Start Button (Fig. 1, # 8) is located on the right-hand twist grip, below the kill switch. The steering damper absorbs lateral kicks on the front wheel. Turning tightening bolt (Fig.1, # 17) clockwise increases friction. This can be used while riding over bad roads. WARNING: DO NOT TIGHTEN THE DAMPER TO THE POINT WHERE THE STEERING BECOMES STIFF . DOING SO WILL ADVERSELY AFFECT HANDLING QUALITIES . Parking brake (Fig. 1, # 22) is located on the right side of the motorcycle next to the foot peg. It is engaged by applying the foot brake pedal fully and turning the handle and pushing it down to hold the foot brake lever in the applied position. Always disengage the parking brake before moving the motorcycle

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