2007 Ural Retro Model Installation Manual


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Kickstart lever : Designed to start the engine. Upon kicking the lever the crankshaft is actuated through the gearbox. The lever is returned to its initial position by the spring inside the gearbox. Gear shift lever: This is a heal shift type of lever. To shift up from a low gear to a high gear the rear arm(heal shift) is pressed. To shift down from a high gear to a low gear the from arm is depressed. Since the heel-toe shift lever is short-coupled, it is much easier to shift up using the heal shift, and to shift down using the toe shift with the ball of your foot. The neutral gear is between the 1st and 2nd gears. It is important to shift smoothly with a constant force, and not to kick the gear shift pedal. Serious damage may result to the shifting mechanism if the gear shift pedal is kicked, rather than pressed urn indicator lamp indicates that the turn signals are activated. Alternator fault indicator lamp , indicates that the charging system is malfunctioning and needs immediate attention. Gearbox neutral lamp indicates that the gearbox is in neutral. Head lamp high beam indicator , indicates that the headlight high beam is activated. Speedometer is on the dash board, with trip and total odometer. The trip odometer is reset to zero by rotating knob (Fig.1, # 3) counterclockwise. Note that the odometer reads in kilometers

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