Ural electronic ignition installation Instruction


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Section 4: Installation on Motorcycle 4.1 Remove old system. 4.2 Install the ignition coil (135.3705.000) and ignition module base (135.3734.000) with wires positioned toward coil (lightly tighten ignition base screws) . 4.3 Install rotor on the camshaft; note washer positions (see installation figure for specifics) . 4.4 – Position engine at timing position (mark on Dnepr flywheel “P” or see your motorcycle operation manual for specifics however there is mention of “arrow with dot” – Ural? ) . – Position base so the scribed line on the rotor lines up with the center index on the base (index between +10 and -10 marks) . Tighten screws. – Loosen sensor screws and using a feeler gauge, adjust so the rotor and sensor gap equals 0.35 +/- 0.05 mm (note, other manuals mention 0.2 +/- 0.1 mm) . Tighten screws. – If the scribed line is not visible with the engine positioned for timing, rotate the engine 360 degrees (again at the timing position) . 4.5 Connect the wires (КЗ) and (+) from ignition module to the coil. Connect the high voltage leads to the coil. Connect the 12V lead from the switched 12V source to the coil (see installation figures for specifics) . 4.6 Gap sparkplugs 0.8 – 1.0 mm. 4.7 Test ride motorcycle and adjust if necessary; turn ignition module base CW to advance or CCW to retard timing

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