2004+ Victory motorcycles PGR-1000 SERIES Programmable Gear Readout Installation


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1. Turn the key on and make sure the transmission is in neutral and ‘n’ is displayed on the readout. (Please leave the key ‘ON’ for about 5 seconds before continuing) 2. Turn the key off (.1 seconds) and then back on (1 second) again rapidly. The display should show 1 bar. If you wait too long before continuing the readout will exit the setup routine. (If the unit has already been cleared, it will immediately jump to step 6.) 3. Repeat step #2. The display should show 2 bars. 4. Repeat step #2. The display should show 3 bars. 5. Repeat step #2. The display should show 2 bars. 6. Repeat step #2. The display should show ‘n’ with a bar over it. If the display is upside down then kick the transmission out of neutral and the display will invert and show ‘C’. Tach adapter(for open-collector tach signal from ECM w/out pull-up resistor) ( 2004+ Victory motorcycles use this option , most other bikes use application on front page) VSS Notes: The PGR-1000 is designed for motorcycles with an Electronic VSS signal. Most modern motorcycles use a 3-wire hall-effect type speed sensor in the transmission with a power, ground, and a signal wire. The SEN-1019 is available for motorcycles without a factory VSS signal, fabrication will be required for sensor mounting

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