S&S 106" Stroker Hot Set Up Kit For Victory Freedom Engines


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Follow the Transmission & Crankshaft section of your Victory motorcycle service manual for disassembling your Victory engine. 2-Your new S&S crankshaft and connecting rods will require assembly. S&S connecting rods aremachined to use the Orange Victory® rod bearings that are included in the kit (Bearing P/N 3514390-159). Perform rod bearing clearance inspection as follows: A-Wash or clean all of the following components: crankshaft crankpin, rods and rod bores, bearing inserts. B-Place a strip of Plastigauge®across the width of the crankpin. NOTE: Green Plastigauge (.001-.003″) is commonly used for this procedure, it can be purchased at the local automotive parts store. Do not place Plastigauge across oil holes. Be careful not to allow the rods to move during the rest of the inspection procedure. C-Mark the rod and cap at the separation line with a Sharpie®, Dykem®, or permanent marker to prevent rod caps from getting swapped from their original rod during the inspection and assembly process. See Picture2. Picture 1 S&S Crankshaft & Connecting Rods NOTE: Bearings not shown. 3 Picture 2 WARNING
D-Install connecting rods and bearing caps in the same order they were received. E-Torque rod bolts to 5 ft-lbs to seat caps. Then final torque bolts to 40 ft-lbs. F-Remove bearing caps carefully to prevent disturbing the Plastigauge®. G-Measure the widest part of the crushed Plastigauge to determine the rod bearing clearance. Do so by using the bands provided on the Plastigauge label. See Picture 3. H-Specification for oil clearance is: .00091″-.00279″ l If the resultant clearance is less than this specification, the bearings will need to be replaced with the thinner black color coded bearings, not available through S&S (Victory®P/N 3514390-067). l If the resultant clearance is greater than the specification, the bearings will need to be replaced with the thicker blue color coded bearings, not available through S&S (VictoryP/N 3514390-027). l If clearance is not within specification, clean old Plastigauge off components and reassemble rods to crankpin with a new strip of Plastigauge and the thinner or thicker bearings as determined above

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