Victory Kingpin Rear LED Turn Signal Kit Installation Manual


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Step 1 •Remove rider’s seat, strut covers, and passenger seat (if applicable) •Separate wiring harness connector for rear lights •Remove screws from each side of fender and plastic connectors from plastic inner fender •Carefully remove the fender by gentle prying outward and upward on one side to clear the mounting points, then the other side •Set aside on a flat and smooth surface to protect the fender’s finish Step 2 •Turn the rear fender assembly upside down on a stable and covered/protected surface to prevent damaging the fender/paint •Remove the metal piece that covers the rear wiring harness area (10mm socket) and unscrew the wire junction box (5mm Allen wrench) •Disconnect the turn signals from the stock wiring harness and unscrew the Allen bolts holding them in place (5mm Allen) •Enlarge the center mounting hole in the inner fender of the turn signal mounting location with a 3/8ths metal drill bit (see picture below). Victory Kingpin Rear LED Turn Signal Kit Installation Guide
Be extremely careful to drill slowly and make sure to avoid contact with the sides of the fender! Ensure that the surface area where the holes have been made are smooth. This will allow for a flush fit with the turn signal mounting blocks. If not, use a small file or other suitable tool to fix it. Don’t be concerned if your new hole extends into the other holes. Step 3 •Prior to installing the silver bullets, choose which style bezel you prefer, visor or visor-less. Both styles are included with amber LEDs only. Red LED silver bullets come standard with visor-less bezels, however visored bezels can be purchased separately. •Place the fender upright on a protected and secure surface. Insert the mounting blocks into place flush with the surface of the fender. They will only fit one way and are not interchangeable. Place a small amount of loc-tite on the threads of the hollow bolt. Hold the silver bullet LED light in place on the mounting block and thread the wire through the holes, and hand tighten the hollow bolt from the inside of the fender. Once a proper alignment of the lights has been achieved, tighten them securely with a 9/16ths box end wrench. Step 4 •Run the wiring of the turn signals in an appropriate/desireable path to the stock wiring harness. Once the wires are run, cut any excess wire and install the bullet connectors (included) to the end of the wires as noted in the wiring advisory and continue with wiring as follows: 1. Silver bullet right rear PURPLE to stock wire BLUE with RED stripe 2. Silver bullet right rear BLACK to stock wire BLACK 3. Silver bullet left rear PURPLE to stock wire BLUE 4. Silver bullet left rear BLACK to stock wire BLACK Make sure that the connectors are firmly snapped in place and are covered with the stock rubber connector. Ensure that the preexisting dielectric grease isn’t completely wiped off/removed, it will ensure conductivity and corrosion resistance. Please note that the amber LED silver bullets are dual intensity, while the stock system is single intensity (turn signal only). If you wish to wire your silver bullets to also function as running lights, the blue wire from each silver bullet must be wired to a “constant-on”/power wire, such as the stock purple wire that connects to the license plate assembly. If you do not wish to wire your turn signals for dual intensity then the blue wires should be tied off

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