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This kit was designed for use with stock length shocks ONLY! We do not recommend using shorter than stock length shocks with this kit. We highly recommend that your dealer install this kit. If you do not have access to a stand capable of securely supporting/lifting the motorcycle as well as tools capable of removing/replacing the suspension links, please allow your dealer to assist you. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 1. Support motorcycle securely so that rear wheel is off the ground. 2. Remove #19, #21, #22, & #23. Refer to Fig.1 Secure & support the swing arm before removal of these parts. 3. Re-install #19, #21, & #22 using our kit in place of #23. 4. Torque fasteners to 35 ft. lbs. 5. Check for proper clearance at fender & belt guard. Please note that excessive load or other riding/road conditions could cause the bike to bottom out and potentially cause the tire to come into contact with the rear wiring harness. Adjust the pre-load of the shock per the owner’s manual or relocate the wiring harness as necessary

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