Victory Vegas Rear LED Turn Signal Assembly Installation Manual


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Step 1 •Prior to installation it is recommended that you perform a Pre-Function check. To do so, remove the left side battery cover from the bike and expose the post terminals. Hold the positive red lead from the turn signal to the positive red lead of the battery and then place the negative black lead from the turn signal to the negative black lead of the battery. Do one side at a time and ensure that both sides light prior to installation. Step 2 •Remove seat (passenger too if installed) •Remove fender “eyelashes” (required first if passenger seat is installed) •Remove the fender mounting bolts •Disconnect the rear turn signal and taillight harness connector located in the battery box compartment •Remove the fender by gentle prying outward and upward on one side to clear the mounting points, then the other side •Set aside on a flat and smooth surface to protect the fender’s finish (you may want to wrap it in a large towel) Step 3 •Turn the rear fender assembly upside down on a stable and covered/protected surface to prevent damaging the fender/paint •Remove the rear tail assembly and disconnect the wiring harness and license plate light. THIS PART IS NO LONGER NEEDED! Victory Vegas Rear LED Turn Signal Assembly Installation Guide •Remove the stock metal spacers shown below and replace them with the ¼” rubber spacers included in your accessory/installation kit. Step 4 •Place the turn signal assembly mounting arms over the rubber spacers. Align the turn signal in place so the space between the fender and the turn signal tube is consistent. After completing this step, place a small amount of Loc-Tite to the bolt and slowly tighten the stock nuts snugly in place, (extreme over-tightening may damage turn signal or fender lip). You should not need to loosen the mounting arms which are attached to the turn signal bracket to obtain the ideal fit; they are pre-assembled to be aligned. Please also note that due to manufacturing tolerances in the production of the fender, the rolled inner lip of it may interfere with the turn signal assembly seating properly. If this is the case, the lip can be tapped down flush with a rubber mallet or other appropriate tool. Take the necessary precautions to maintain your fender’s finish should this step be necessary. Step 5 •Run the wiring of the turn signal assembly in an appropriate/desireable path to the stock wiring harness. See picture below as an example. Once the wires are run, cut any excess wire and install the bullet connectors (included in the installation/accessory package) to the end of the wires. Due to the small gauge of the wire it’s suggested that you double it over before placing it into the bullet connector and solder it in place. Wire as follows:

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